My work has recently shifted from painting landscapes to looking at landscape as a vessel that poses visual questions and suggests narrative.

This new work is process driven. There is minimal preliminary planning involved. The process maps place through constructing layered passages of mark-making and imaging, of revealing and concealing, of tagging objects and unveiling dialogues.

As in story, a painted narrative is revealed. The intention is to create an ambiguous, immersive environment that promotes a discussion with the viewer.

'Ice Cube' is the latest instalment in developing this body of work that investigates our relationship with nature and landscape.

This investigation is being supported by the Ontario Arts Council through an 'Established Visual Artist Creation Grant'.



Victoria Ward has had over 40 exhibitions across Canada and the UK. A playwright in Toronto for 10 years, Victoria worked with some of the country’s most important alternative theatre artists. Primarily a painter she was also an early digital user and has worked in digital literacy extensively. Ward has written essays for many major public galleries in Ontario as well as a regular writer on culture and art for too many websites and blogs to name here. Victoria has spent most of her artistic life trying to make connections between worlds; rural and urban, writing and imagery and the ephemeral and the permanent.  She lives in a log cabin in the Boreal forest with painter Gary Blundell, you can follow them @hotspurstudio





Chris Hanson and Hendrika Sonnenberg have been collaborating for more than 25 years. Their collaborations have spanned a variety of mediums, but is fundamentally a practice based in sculpture. Their work often uses everyday objects that are frequently remade in materials that defy the objects original function or skew a relationship they have with their meaning. The artists often look to infuse a sense of fragility, humor, curiosity, and fallibility into the objects that we make.


The artists have Bachelors and Masters degrees in Studio and began collaborating shortly after completing their undergraduate degrees. Over the course of their collaborations, they have enjoyed progressive successes that have enabled them to put on exhibitions in both group and solo shows at galleries and museums, in both public and private spaces, locally and internationally.



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